12 May 2014

Three Inch Quilt

Yes, you read right.  My daughter and  now a friend of mine are just starting out on the quilting road. Sarah doesn't have a sewing machine yet and my friend has yet to dust off the one that she has, so hand sewing it has to be.  Having shown them how to do a Japanese Folded Patchwork block I've taking time to photograph a tutorial, so here goes.

Draw a square (in this case 3") on card and find the centre. Using a pair of compasses put the point in the centre of the square and take the pencil end out to just a smidgen beyond the corner of the square and draw a circle. Cut out

Next take the fabric for the circle and put the template and mark around the circumference.  Cut a quarter inch away from the marked circle, eyeballing it, or you can mark using ruler as here

Using tacking thread knotted at one end, sew a running stitch approx. one eighth inch in.  Replace the circle template to draw the tacking stitches in

Press the circle and remove the template.
Place the a square of wadding and contrasting fabric on top of the pressed circle

Fold the circle around the sides of the square and pin
Then tack.

Slip stitch through the top fabric, middle and wadding, but not right through to the back

Done in a very short time and as it's 3 layers it is a quilt. There you are - a 3" quilt!

I then made 3 more this afternoon. Working from scraps one block (the one above) is lighter than the other 3, but didn't have enough to make 4 in the darker green.

The middles are cut from some Japanese charm squares.


  1. Oh Sue, that's fab - I think I'll do these at a class I'm teaching later this year, thank you x

  2. Great tutorial and a fabulous idea to do something so pretty but so achievable in a short while with the new members of the coven :-)


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