26 April 2009

Shoes and Handbags

It is a very rare occasion when I buy shoes as I have small feet (UK size 4 or European size 37) and in Wakefield yesterday morning managed to get not 1 but 3 pairs! I was in desperate need of shoes for work, they're the ones I have on as my current ones had split (they were comfortable) and also new trainers. I also thought the gathered sling backs looked good too so bought them.
My BQL Calendar Quilt Challenge piece was completed yesterday. It may need a little more embellishing but I think they'll pass as finished for the moment. The little bag blocks were fiddly, but after joining together, quilting done and binding put on yesterday afternoon it was just the finishing off in the evening. They look rather cute.

One of the followers on my side bar is Janet, who's currently on holiday in the US. I've followed her journey along Route 66 and yesterday posted some pics of her time at Paducah's quilt show. Here's the link to her blog here

I should say welcome to 2 recent followers to my blog. I know that there are more than one or two people out in blogland who read it ;o)) ! Hello to Shell and Little Missoakden.


  1. Hi Sue W Sews, Iv never been mentioned on a blog before. I love reading what you get up to, as I spent 3 years living between Wakefield and Huddersfield, working in Halifax. So I know loads of the areas you post, and miss them so much!!

    Well done on finding shoes I love the gathered slingbacks!!!

  2. What pretty shoes - unfortunately I have never been able to wear shoes like those, the trainers have always been more my style. These days I have to wear flat lace-ups all the time - even in the summer, poor feet - and it's not easy to find attractive lace-ups. Your bag quilt is really pretty.

  3. I am jealous Sue,
    i am also a size 4 and have a terrible job of finding footwear that i like and is comfortable
    have a great week

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  5. Oh, i'm sure lots of people read your blog, they just don't all leave comments - like me, for instance. I only comment once in a while, otherwise i'd never have time for all the blogs I read!


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