18 April 2009

Tourists for a week

As David and I had visitors we spent this week as tourists. My brother in law Peter and his partner Diane came to stay so we were out and about in Yorkshire. Easter Sunday afternoon was spent in York and whilst David and Peter were at a model railway exhibition at York Racecourse Diane and I went into the city centre. Some places were open so able to explore and the afternoon was spent walking along the north side of the city walls.
The Wrinkled Stocking Cafe with the Summer Wine Museum underneath

Monday saw us going to Holmfirth and the “Last of the Summer Wine” exhibition based on the famous TV series. The museum is below the “Wrinkled Stocking cafĂ©”. We were going to the Colne Valley Museum towards Huddersfield but never got there. Instead going to the Standedge Tunnel on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, they aren’t kidding it is narrow, just enough room for the boat trip in and reverse out again.
(above) the Cow and Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor and (below) Betty's Tea Room at Ilkley
Tuesday was an at home day for David and me as we thought we’d catch up on odd bits and pieces, but Wednesday off out to Ilkley to try Betty’s Tea Rooms (which has always been busy when we’ve been to York or Harrogate). It is an experience that has to be tried, with old fashioned service that just isn’t seen any where else. From there we went to Howath village and the Bronte Parsonage. Amazing bit of history and the story about the Bronte family, not just the 3 sisters, Emily, Charlotte and Ann but their siblings 2 other girls who died aged 11 and 12 and Branwell. Their father outlived his wife and all 6 children. The village graveyard was jam packed with gravestones as the village suffered from high mortality due to bad sanitation in Victorian times.(above) the sign outside the Bronte Parsonage)

Thursday we went off to York again this time by train so our first port of call was the National Railway Museum, almost next to the station. Walking across the town we then went to the Castle Museum. York as ever was busy with tourists.

Friday we took things a little easier and went to Brodsworth House near Doncaster in the afternoon, spent longer than we thought and left just before the house closed for the day! It has lovely gardens and is close enough to us to go back there and enjoy another day.The front of Brodsworth House(above) the rear of the house and (below) the Italian style fountain

After our visitors left David and I decided to go to Bradford Model Railway exhibition today. I bought some tombola tickets and won a prize! I got a cuddly lion and an Easter egg. After deciding where we should go we went onto Salts Mill at Saltaire, near Shipley. The mill building is now mainly art gallery and shops and the village is now a United Nations heritage site.
My prize (pictured sideways!)
Tomorrow will see David and I getting the house sorted and thinking about returning to work. It was quite a busy week and it just flew by!

As for sewing - I hope I can post what I’ve been up to very soon.


  1. What a wonderful week. That's not an area of the world that we have explored at all, though we have been to York once. It's weird isn't it how little we sometimes see of our own area until we have visitors to show around.

  2. You should call in on Cusworth Hall too - it's just down the road from Brodsworth. Thanks for the visit to Ilkley - took me right back to my schooldays :o) Lots of my friends had Saturday jobs washing up and waitressing in Betty's


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