19 April 2009

Stitchery Stuff to Show

As promised yesterday I'm showing some stitching that I'm currently doing and some postcards that I've received recently.Above are some handbag blocks in progress for the BQL Calendar Challenge for this month. I've used a favourite fabric for the background, which is called Confetti and I have had this for a few years and is a nice contrast to the bright fabrics used for the bags. Each block is 4.5" square to make a quilt of 12.5". I'm at the point of tidying the blocks up before joining.
Another project that I'm doing is making a couple of cushions from a kit that I bought from The Bramble Patch recently(I've tried to put a link to Bramble Patch, but it's not co-operating). The kit (called Hanamoyo Cushion) had fabric to make one cushion but I found that I had enough of the blue fabric to make another cushion top but not enough of the cream to make the outside strips and cushion back so ordered more. That came on Friday so one evening next week I'll crack on and get the second cushion done.
And this pic above shows a couple of postcards I received on the theme of Folded Wonders (see the ones that I made in the post of 4th April). The top one of a folded flower tree came from Toni and the bottom one made from batiks with red inserts and beads came from Sarah. I'm waiting on a third card to come from Canada, which I guess will come soon.


  1. love reading your blog,always working on something interesting,the little handbags are cute.Did you go to the Viking Loom in York? they sell some nice

  2. Hi Shell
    I couldn't leave an e-mail link from your blog, so I hope your read my comment. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I have been to the Viking Loom from time to time, but Easter Sunday it was shut and we were visiting other places last time we went to York. It is a lovely shop and I love the beads as you walk in there, that's before getting to the fabrics! I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to go again!


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