18 June 2009

Potatoes, Poppies and Postcards

The above pic may not look very exciting, but this is the harvest from our potato plant that we grew in a bucket, so we're excited by this. Just over 1 kilo of potatoes grown from a supermarket one that sprouted and grown in just 3 months. We had two growing in buckets so had another bowlful just like this one. Near where we live is a lot of farmland and a few weeks earlier the fields were bright yellow with oil seed rape plants. Their flowers are passing over now, but some bright poppies are emerging and this is the view in the fields just a short walk for our house, with a slight tinge of yellow from the remaining rape flowers.
Here's a close up above, don't they look lovely?
And now the postcard part of this post. A few weeks back I played around with fabric paints and I posted some pictures here of some shaving foam monoprinting that I made. I've stamped with some more fabric paint on large foam stamps. I layered up postcard sized pieces and hand quilted around them outlining the shapes in thicker thread then echo quilting with matching thread. I used the remaining printed fabric for the back of the postcards, just enough in size to make backing for all 5 postcards. These are part of the BQL Postcard challenge swap on the theme of fabric printing.

I'll be taking a week off as I'll be on holiday next week to the Lake District. The week after I'll be starting a new job. So I'll be having a short break from blogging. See you again soon.


  1. I love the hand quilting on those postcards. It really gives them a unique texture.

  2. Harvesting potatoes that you've grown yourself is like digging up treasure isn't it, so exciting. I haven't grown any this year, but plan to grow some next year. Love the postcards. Have a great holiday, the Lake District should be just about perfect next week by the sound of things. Loads of luck with the new job.

  3. Sorry, I keep meaning to write, but I keep running out of day, I will do it though, promise.

    Those potatoes look great and I love poppies.

    Your postcards are really effective.


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