30 June 2009

And more holiday pics

On Thursday we visited Holker Hall, near Cartmel, just a few miles from where we were staying.Lovely house and lovely gardens too , to wander in.
Very nice fountain, slightly windy, so one could have a shower when standing in the wrong direction.And very unusual ducks, not sure what breed they are. Black with a green sheen - hadn't seen anything like them before.

Could not resist taking photos of flowers and here's a close up of a delphinium...

a slightly blurry pic of a clematis, above, and below is a photo of an orchid type wildflower in the meadow.
And below is an lily type flower, also in the meadow.
It was another fantastically sunny day out. The grounds of the Hall also houses a motor museum with replica's of the Bluebird vehicles used for land and water speed records on Lake Coniston.

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  1. Lovely flowers, just the right time of year for them. We're off to the Lake District in September, with our new motor home. We visited there once about fifteen years ago, so are looking forward to a return visit.


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