10 June 2009

June Challenge Quilt

Here it is - almost halfway through the year and halfway through the challenge set by Kandy on BQL (British Quilt List). This month's was called "Transitions", where two strips of fabric are joined together and sewn into strips of the main fabric. Twisted by sewing the strips one way then the other produced this lovely effect. All the fabrics were batiks in my fabric stash and were quick to cut out and sew together.

There is now a blog for the calendar challenge quilts and you can see them here. On this blog are also the bags from last year's challenge if you have time to visit.

Not much else to report in this post, except that my daughter Sarah visited us on her way to and from Liverpool from her home in Bristol and it was lovely to see her. It is a pity that I am working at the moment so could take more time out with her, but we thought I might have had more time between jobs than I thought I was going to have!

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