13 July 2009

Postcards made and received

This weekend I posted off 3 postcards, 2 to the US and 1 to Canada. This was a Black and White swap, for which I used Bargello again, but not thinking that I would need as many strips as the 12" quilt that I'd made shown in the last post I managed enough fabric to get 2 cards and a wide strip. I then edged the sides of the top right hand one with a couple of strips of white/black dash fabric. They were all finished with some narrow black lace around the edges.

I received some postcards week before last from another swap, this time the BQL postcard group in the theme of Printing on Fabric. My cards were shown on an earlier post here. They had some pretty good photos and were lovely to receive. I ought to do more photo printing on fabric sometime, it's very effective.

From that same post I'd shown a pic of a field near our house with oil seed rape and poppies. This was the scene just over a week ago when the rape flowers died down and the poppies were coming into their own. It was an amazing sight coming home from work seeing this bright red field. This week the poppies are dying back and the field is now looking quite green again.


  1. I love the poppy photo. I bet it was just breathtaking to see that in person. Lucky you.

  2. I do love to see fields of poppies, and am so glad that the farmers aren't spraying so much now so we get to see more of them. I also love the fact that I often see some growing on grass verges these days.

  3. Hi sue,
    lovely Postcards and lucky you to see such a beautiful poppy field.
    have a great week/end


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