23 July 2009

More postcards and foundation piecing

Following my last post (seems quite a while ago now) I've received my black and white cards. From left to right from Rita in Alberta, Canada, Norma from California and Nancy from Oakdale, CT (is that Conneticut?). I like black and white as a theme because its so striking a contrast and these cards are really gorgeous.

It isn't often that I miss deadlines or have forgotten to have signed up for a swap but I was taken aback by receiving a foundation pieced card then another the next day until I looked at the database on the Yahoo group and sure enough my name was there. The two below are from 2 in the BQL Postcard group - one the left from Janet and on the right from Jacquie. This is a British group so both are from the UK. Pretty summery colours aren't they?
Now I will have to make 5 foundation pieced postcards before the end of the month, but that is just over a week away and I have apologised in advance that my cards will probably be late.
I found a cat foundation pattern on the internet and it wasn't quite the size I wanted so have adapted it - I found the pattern here - Erika's Craft & Sewing website.

I had one go at it and it hasn't quite turned out how I expected so a fair bit of unpicking and resewing was involved so I gave up while I was losing yesterday evening, but managed one postcard sized marmalade coloured kitty (which will need some stitched embellishment). So its a start.

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