07 July 2009

Quilt in a Morning, Quiche in an Afternoon

This is a sewing blog so I ought to have some sewing to show and I was rather productive on Sunday, following receiving instructions for the BQL Calender Quilt Challenge for this month. This months challenge is Bargello where strips of fabric are sewn, cut in various widths and rejoined , giving a wave like effect. I chose greens for this as it's a colour that I don't use that often (I don't think so anyway). Above is the right side and below the wrong side which looks more interesting.
And this pic below shows the quilt trimmed and layered ready to quilt. I used a walking foot with a slightly larger stitch and used the contours of the wave as a rough guide.
Here it is all finished. I've trimmed with a narrow ribbon type yarn which I zigzigged onto the edge. I started this first thing on Sunday morning and it was all finished by the lunchtime. Not a bad morning's work.
So I had time to make this (I know it's not sewing!)
And I thought that quiche and rock buns were not bad for an afternoon's work! It's not like me to get all domestic and do baking, I have to be in the mood to do this, but it was quite enjoyable to do something different.


  1. Wow, a quilt, a quiche and rock buns all in one day. Great.

    Hope the new job's going OK?

  2. Love your colors in the bargello. I am in a class right now, learning how to do bargello. I really like it.


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