15 August 2009

August Challenge

After a busy week when my son Alex, daughter in law Mary and their two little girls came to stay I had to keep my sewing stuff under wraps out of harm's way, so not much sewing done. It was lovely to have them stay with us and a rare chance to see them since our move up north.

However a quiet afternoon this afternoon meant I could get to my sewing machine and fabrics once again and with just half of August left I thought I would crack on with getting this month's BQL calendar quilt challenge - half square triangles. For those not familiar with this two squares of fabric are placed on top of each other and a quarter inch seam is sewn each side of a central diagonal line. The sqaures are cut along the line so that 2 squares with 2 triangles of fabric are produced. I kept things simple and used just 2 fabrics.
These 36 x 2.5" squares could be arranged any way we chose. Here are a selection of those I photographed to help choose the arrangement. The top one had zigzags top and bottom with a pinwheel either side of a central square on point. The one above had pinwheels either side of 3 on point squares
This one above created a star and the one below had lines radiated out from a central square. Asked David which one to make...
and we plumped for the star shape. I'll post the pic of the finished article soon.

If you want to look at what others have done go to the link on the sidebar.

Meanwhile I have some postcards and an embellished ATC (artist trading card) to get done too. I hope there will be enough of the month left.


  1. Wow, those are great. I can't believe how many designs you can get. I am just learning quilting. I think it would be a lot of fun, just make a whole bunch and then play with designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome. The BQL challenge blog shows even more permutations of this simple block


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