06 August 2009

More foundation pieced cards

It's been a while since posting (again) and we have been busy recently with visiting my parents in Christchurch weekend before last and last weekend with friends visiting us. And there's a little matter of a full time job, leaving not much time to sew or blog. Suffice to say that I've been late with getting out my foundation pieced postcards for the BQL postcard group swap, but have received 2 more, so have tried to get on. These lovely ones in the above photo are from Judi and Jacquie.

This photo above is my effort, I abandoned the cat idea (see my last post) and went for this heart shape from Quilting Works.com. I may come back to getting the cats right using them for another occasion.

I thought you might like to see the back of these cards before I addressed and send to their recipients. A while ago I bought a wood mounted rubber stamp which I designed myself for the postcards from this site. I've also got some small narrow stamps (the type that sticks to an acrylic block) to stamp the division between the message and address. I think this looks quite neat.
After this I'll have to clear my sewing room thoroughly as I will have more visitors next week, my son Alex and his family, so my granddaughter Sophie will be staying in that room. I'm really looking forward to their visit as its been some months since we last saw them, it'll be lovely to see them.

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  1. These are really beautiful Sue. Can you tell me what you constructed them with? Is is a fabric backiing or card. I haven't been brave enough to join a postcard swap yet but these are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


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