16 August 2009

Beningbrough Hall

David was due to work today, but the work having been cancelled, we decided to go out. We're members of the National Trust and found that just an hour's drive away, just north west of York is Beningbrough Hall. The Hall has part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery and has some really lovely gardens.To greet us when we first arrived was this giant teapot. Created from various 'tiles' made as a millennium project this must stand at around 6 foot tall. Some of the sections were edged in cups and saucers stacked in a row and I found one of the teapot shaped tiles had buttons embedded in it. There was quite a few textured tiles to appeal to those who are sight impaired.
After a wander around the gardens, which have pear trees trained around arches and a mix of pear and apple trees edging the grass areas, we looked at the vegetables growing on the borders surrounding the garden. There is a view down one path of perennial flowers, which look good this time of year.
After having lunch and visiting the house (oh yes, and enjoying rhubarb crumble ice cream, yum) going through to the shop I found there were 3 felt hangings on the wall. I had to take photos of those, aren't they great?


  1. I love the teapot, thanks for showing it to us.

  2. Hi Sue.
    Hope this finds you well?
    Lovely pic of teapot.

  3. No problems, thought I just had to share, it was so unusual and unexpected.


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