30 October 2009

A Break for a Week

I will be going down south for the week but before I leave I thought I would post a few photos. Last night David & I went to Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster for their Enchanted Gardens event, where the house and gardens were lit against the dark autumn sky. It was very busy, but well organised and it was a delight to walk around in the warmish (for this time of year) evening. Of course the bright lights are challenging for the camera so I took a lot of photos but they were more miss than hit, but a few decent-ish ones were taken.
Above is the Hall all lit up. There were different coloured lights shone on it, but when I took this it was white.And above and below, some spooky looking trees as blue light was shone from underneath some Monkey Puzzle trees and yellow for another group of trees, emphasising the autumn colours. The photos are a little fuzzy but the best I could get from the challenging conditions.
I've also put a couple of other photos, one is of the bell that I made at the Regional Day a couple of weeks ago.

And my white orchid, which is flowering like mad. To date it has 9 blooms with a 10th about to come out and another 10 buds at least on it. I put some mobile phone pics on my Facebook page too. How many more flowers will appear while I am away?

I will be going to my granddaughter's christening on Sunday in West Sussex, then after spending some time with my parents in Christchurch.

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