23 October 2009

A year in Yorkshire

Just a short post to mention that it was a year ago today that David and I moved from Poole to Pontefract. It's been an eventful year of missing friends and relatives, but making new friends. Finding work was a challenge, but doing temporary work at the beginning of this year, confirmed to me that I have skills that I can use, even though the numerous interviews seemed harrowing at times. I've now got a temporary contract which'll keep me going until about halfway through next year, which I'm grateful for.

I've also got to know some lovely countryside, nice places to go and visit and made the most of what seems at present like a long holiday with a bit of work in between! I love the markets in Doncaster (a town I discovered I liked when I worked there for a few short weeks) and Barnsley that are nothing like what there is down south.

I've enjoyed the visits from people that have stayed with us and have been out and about with.

Still miss Poole, but it doesn't hurt quite so much as when I first moved up here. Just thought I'd share my thoughts.


  1. Happy "anniversary"

  2. So glad you've settled Sue - I know how tough it is to head almost the length of the country to move house - even though I did it 18 yrs ago in the other direction - believe me I couldn't watch the Dales scenery on the opening credits for Emmerdale without crying for at least 15 yrs - believe me the first ten years are the worst :o))) You'll be fine :o)

  3. Hi Sue,
    Glad you are settling in ok.
    I Visited Poole for a couple of Days last month, The high street keeps changing everytime i go. and everywhere is so busy.
    have a great weekend


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