12 October 2009

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Our latest foray in Yorkshire this weekend was the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, just off the M1 between Barnsley and Wakefield. The weather started off grey and wet, however the sky broke then the sun shone and it was a glorious, if windy, autumnal day.

This part of Yorkshire is has two well known sculptors that are represented here - Barbara Hepworth (who was born in Wakefield) and Henry Moore (from Castleford). This year also had an exhibition by Peter Randall Page.

Unfortunately, I can't show you any of the exhibits as photography is for private use only so here I've just included the scenery, but the link above to the Park is quite comprehensive so do take a look. The gardens were wonderful with the autumnal colour. Below is a pic of the formal gardens with the underground gallery on the right hand side.

And this is something that I see on my way to work, on my way home and here from the park... the Emley Moor transmitter tower, over towards Huddersfield. It dominates a lot of the scenery around here.

Below is the colour of the trees in the park . This was part of the hillside area, where to the left there are sculptures by Barbara Hepworth. Husband (in the red coat) is unaware that I've got him in this pic.Below are some people taking the trek across the field to the gallery about 2 kilometres from the main gallery. The small white square just about the middle of the photo is where we were aiming for. This is looking towards Barnsley in the distance.


  1. Oh my god you have just made my day!! I used to live there 2 years ago (between the mast and the sculpture park) I miss it so much this week, and you have just made me smile thinking of all the things I have missed!


  2. I've passed the brown sign for the sculpture park so many times when travelling down the M1 before I settled in the South West - I really must make the effort and go back up north to visit it sometime - thanks for sharing and whetting my appetite

  3. Because we're still fairly new to the area (been in Yorkshire just coming up to a year)we still think we're tourists (with work in between!). This is almost on our doorstep, being just 25 mins drive from home. We'd like to go again - it's a good place to go.


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