15 February 2010

Treating myself

The past week has been indulgent. There have been 2 books (non-quilting - I do read other books!) and have treated myself - the new Jack Sheffield book - Village Teacher and the latest Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency book - Teatime for the Traditionally Built. Of course I did also have to buy a quilt book too and this was the new Gwen Marston Liberated Quilting book. I said in the new year that I was going to get more liberated, just need time to practice. Oh, yes I also bought a puzzle game for my DS.

Whilst shopping on Saturday at the supermarket, lots of people were buying Valentines gifts, but David and I don't go in for that at all. As there were some lovely tulips there I indulged in buying a lovely purple bunch. They are really gorgeous, love the colour. Later in the day I treated myself once more and bought some magazines (although one was a slimming one - ahem).

I also have some news on the job front. I went for an interview last Thursday at a bakery company in Doncaster and got the job! My contract was soon to finish at Wakefield Council so I was pleased that I could go from one job into another and I start the new job on 1st March. A bit sad to leave the Council as I've been there for 8 months and made a few friends, but I feel this is now time to move on.

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  1. Woohoo - Sue's getting liberated!

    Lovely tulips.


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