07 February 2010

Quilty Day

I was looking forward to the second workshop with Phillipa Naylor yesterday and like the last time, 2 weeks ago I was not disappointed. She is a really enthusiastic teacher and again learned quite a bit, this time about free machine quilting and later piping and binding. The photos show the samples of the free machining which I would have happily stayed all day playing with. The tan sample also shows the left edge with the piping attached, although it can't be easily seen because of the patterned fabric. The right shows the attached blue border.The blue piece below was more free machine practice. Once the feathers were demonstrated show how easy they were I just wanted to keep going.

I really enjoyed the day and it's fantastic to get a whole day quilting without other distractions. When I got home I found that the Region 4 (Dorset, Devon & Cornwall) Quilters Guild Newsletter was in the post and it was good to read about what's been going on back home in Dorset.
To end the day, David and I didn't fancy cooking so went out for a fish and chip dinner in Wakefield. A good end to a lovely day, in spite of the grim weather!I almost forgot to post these on the blog. In the BQL postcard group there is a birthday swap going on through this year and those who had birthdays in January, Janet (another Janet) and Lesley were the recipients of the above cards. Janet wanted a pink card and I couldn't think of anything pink at the time other than pink champagne. So there it is with the words "pink fizz" and the fizzy bits with sparkly machine thread and some glitter glue.

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