19 February 2010

I Learned A Bit About Blogger

Mooching around looking at blogs the past couple of evenings I found a few new things about Blogger, one of which I'm using for this post.  The first thing on Mai-Britt's blog was about the Updated Editor, which has more features than the old editor and following the instructions was easy to do.

Another thing that I've found it that pages can be added to the blog and that up to 10 of these can be added.  I thought (initially) that I'd call mine Non Quilting Photos, pretty boring but I can't thing of an original title at the moment.  I'll put some of the pics of when I've been out and about which are, well, non quilty.  (Got me so far?).  It'll be useful to add pages on other subjects without having to create a whole new blog.  That discovery I found on an artist site Making A Mark, when I read this blog Serendipity Patchwork.

There was a bit lurking at the top of my posts on Blogger asking if I want to be emailed with changes on Blogger.  Already I've found the "links" on this post easier to attach and can even test to see if they work before posting. But for now I might try putting a Non quilty photo on my non quilty page.

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  1. hello sue , I like the title of your blog. I am just starting to blog and I am thinking of trying the updated editor my reading your blog you make it sound simple so I will be try;ing it soon , I also like the title photo are they stones ,take a look at my photo I love to take photos. I also love quilting. take care theodora


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