27 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

On Thursday and Friday last week I went to the Festival of Quilts, the first time I've visited over 2 days as I've previously tried to get everything in a day.  It has grown so much that it is so difficult to see all I'd want to see and photograph and buy, of course (can't go to an exhibition without purchasing something.

One big thing I have bought (it has yet to be delivered) is a Horn cabinet like this one here. After having a desk made up of a worktop on some adjustable legs which in our old house was attached to the wall, but here is freestanding and does sometimes wobble if stitching quite fast, and it will be good to have a level sewing area to work on too. Other than that I bought some books and arty bits which took my fancy but not a lot of fabric.

Ok on to the pics. Here are a few favourites of mine.

Amongst the miniature quilts above in the middle of the top row is one made by my friend Janet

This one is Best in Show and Miniature Quilt winner by Kumiko Frydl.

I like the clothing section and these 2 coats I really liked - unfortunately I didn't take note who made these
Another favourite was Gillian Travis' Balkan Socks on a washing line - this is half the washing line-full
I also liked this one of the pottery kilns in Stoke - again I don't know who made this but here are 2 photos - the second with names of the towns in the Potteries area of the Midlands

I know who made this one though, it was Julie, who has a blog here
And the pansy above was absolutely gorgeous.  I am a sucker for blowsy flowers.
Just a few of the thousands of bonnets to commemorate the many women convicts who were sent from Britain to Australia.  And more were on the floor
It was just a brilliant display.

I'll continue with my catch up at the weekend.


  1. Lovely post, such wonderful things to enjoy at FoQ.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I'm enjoying everyone else's photos as I didn't make it this year. The new cabinet looks super, much better looking than my two old, recycled school desks!!

  3. Lovely photos Sue and thank you for including my quilt. The Horn cabinet man was doing a good trade, I've ordered one too! My sewing space doubles as my Mum's bedroom when she comes to stay so the cabinet will make it easier to tidy up and will also mean I can move my new machine around easily. I can't wait for it to arrive.

  4. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. I'm really looking forward to getting the cabinet and having a really good sort out and so I can have a workable space. It is amazing how we make do with the space that we have or the workspace that we're given. It'll be good to have something purpose built.


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