23 August 2010

The Wedding

Still catching up - today saw me back at work and the news that I have at least a couple of weeks work, so my employers haven't finished with me yet!  The temp job was only supposed to last 3 months, now I've been there 6 so anything is a bonus at the moment.

David has another couple of days, which have amongst other things, been catching up with shopping and ironing (he is such a hero!).

So weekend before last we have a lovely weekend enjoying Peter and Diane's wedding in Surrey (Peter is David's brother).  They've been together for quite a few years so when they said last spring last year they were getting married August 2010 seemed a long way off - how the time flew!  They were lucky enough to have the photos taken between showers as there was thunder outside during the service.

Here are a few of my pics from the day.

The happy couple
With the Best Man and Bridesmaid
With the Wild family (my son Alex took this photo)
And again
Doing the impossible before the wedding - getting the grandchildren lined up nicely on the settee at the hotel to take a photo of them in their best clothes! Freddie (3rd from left) had a cap with his outfit which Isobel (2nd from left) could not resist trying on for size.  There were some good ones taken, which my daughter in law, Carly, took.  She is a keen photographer and took loads of photos too and here she is trying to get one of the shots outside the church when I photographed her!
She did take a lovely photo of our children which I'll post sometime if she can mail me a copy.  It's very rare to get all 3 together.

Next time I will get to posting about the Festival of Quilts from last weekend. Just got to choose what photos to show.

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