22 August 2010

An update

We've just come back from holiday, having spent 10 days away there's lots to catch up on, not least the unpacking and washing.  Thankfully, its a sunny morning so the washing machine is kept busy and no doubt there will be loads of ironing this evening.

I've been to visit the Quarterjack Quilters exhibition, then on to a wedding in Surrey, back down to Dorset to stay with my parents and catch up with friends and ex-colleagues.  I then went to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday and Friday whilst David ventured to places around Coventry and Birmingham.  On the way home we visited the Blists Hill Victorian Town near Telford.  So there will be a lot to post on the blog over the next week and hope that I can spend a bit of time each evening.

I was lucky to catch up with friends at the Festival of Quilts and Lis has a photo of us over on her blog here. I'd also met up with Janet from Barnsley and Chris, Lesley and Marion from Durham, and more. More from me soon.

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