11 September 2010

Harrogate Quilt Show

Last Sunday whilst David was working (yes, he worked all day Sunday) I was decided that I would go to the Great Northern Needlework and Quilt Show just outside Harrogate.  It only takes three quarters of an hour to get there and with the traffic being very quiet on Sunday morning it was also a pleasant drive.

As I'd only been to the festival of quilts a few weeks before I wasn't looking to buy anything but have a relaxed wander looking at the quilts and taking photographs.  Quite a lot of large quilts on display it seems more than last year. I also took in a talk by Barbara Howell on using photographs as an influence on quilt design.

Here are some favourites from the show.

A couple of the quilts from Clare Kingslake, in a collection of her quilts called "A Quilter's Journey - The Story So Far".  
I could not resist taking a photo of this quilt - a group quilt I think - of different rolls (influenced by jelly rolls), i.e. rollover, fig rolls, toilet rolls, jewellery roll. Quite cleverly done.

I also like Joan (from Barnsley Embroiderers) fun seaside quilt.

Also a group of strip quilts from Bolton Quilters (I can't remember the group's exact name, sorry). They did a collection of red and white quilted panels.

The Womens' Institute ran a competition sponsored by Makower Fabrics with the title "All things Bright and Beautiful" using a specific Makower collection of fabrics. I found there is a slidshow of the entries here. Here's a couple of wall hangings from that challenge below.

A lovely patched butterfly

And a drapers shop scene - loved the striped fabric used for the 50's style dress.

Of course a trip to a quilt show is not complete without a visit to the traders and their selection of fabrics (oh the temptation) and here's what I bought.

A metre of striped fabrics plus some fat quarters and I liked some glittery ribbon in silver and gold, which will come in useful for a "bit of Bling" postcards towards Christmas. I hadn't washed the fabrics I bought from the Festival of Quilts so they all had a light wash together.

I've now finished my temp job where I've been for the past 6 months.  I was sad to leave to company but I guess time to move on.  I hope that I'll have some spare time to catch up with some sewing and other jobs that have needed doing this week and see how things go with trying to get another job.


  1. Thanks for the pictures Sue. I couldn't believe that the first time for years that we go away on holiday together, it was over the weekend of Harrogate. Talk about bad planning!

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip to Harrogate. I like the colours Clare Kingslake is using. I'm going to Chilford in November, I wonder if those quilts will be there too. I hope so.

  3. Thanks for posting these - some I've seen before at Sandown or FOQ, but I love the seaside one, and I'm sure I would have remembered if I'd seen that one before!

    I love your Clematis penant too - very pretty


  4. Thank you ladies for your comments. Clare's quilts were really lovely and will be at Chilford in November, in fact most of what I saw at Harrogate will be there. Jacquie Harvey's miniature quilts are really good too.


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