17 September 2010

I've not been idle

After finishing my job last week I have been catching up with some sewing stuff.  I had to make a card for 10th Sept for Ruth's birthday - made in a rush last week and I have another birthday postcard for 25th September to make for Plum's birthday (that won't be in such a rush). So here's Ruth's postcard

This week my husband is at home too having had a hernia operation as a day patient on Saturday.  It will take at least 2 weeks recovery and he's resting watching dvd's and telly so I've taken to my sewing room and started on Monday with a pattern that I bought back in June from Quiltessential.  It has been difficult to get going with this and I should have known it wasn't going to go well when the first square was a 9" x 8" rectangle instead of 9" square - oops! The pattern instructions are in multiples to make different sized quilts from table runner to king size quilt. I cut out the fabric to make 2 panels to make 1 wallhanging, but found I didn't have enough of one of the fabrics and however I tried to fiddle with it.  In the end I have made 1 panel, which is quite wide.  So this will now be hung on its side as a long wall hanging instead.  In spite of whatever could go wrong did go wrong I and quite pleased with this quilt top.  Here are pics below.

1 panel just joined together above and below after adding the borders

The photo above shows how much fabric that I've got left as I intended to do 2 sections, as it turned out the one that I've made hung on its side will be enough.  Will have to get creative with what I have left.

I've also made an ironing board cover for my Ikea table top ironing board.  The original cover was quite disgusting with Bondaweb marks on it (from when I forgot to cover the web with baking parchment).  I had this lovely turtle fabric and also took the wadded cover of an old ironing board cover to add to the original wadding on the board.  I made the cover an inch bigger all round than the original as I thought it was quite skimpy in the first place and no longer have to battle with a cover that keeps falling off.

 One grotty ironing board cover above and below, nice new one with turtles on.

I also found amongst my UFO's a Mariner's Compass panel which I made yonks ago which was appliqued onto a beige background and that was it.  I haven't got most of the other fabrics now but I did have a bit of the red, which was some Rose and Hubble fabric.  Gosh, must have had that for a very long time.  Another wallhanging perhaps?  Think that might go in the spare room.

I am also starting work on a set of Bridges postcards, I think when signing up for this that it came under that category "seemed like a good idea at the time" as I am having trouble with this theme. I have 6 of these to do.  I will get there - eventually.

I have decided that I will back off the postcard making for a while and get done those that I have committed to.  I have a couple more cards of this year's birthday swaps, a black and white one (I'll not have trouble with that) and a Bit of Bling which at present stands at a whopping 18 cards (I'll have to get going on those - hope I have another week next week of not working).

I also managed to fit in a few appointments that I was meaning to get sorted when I finished work so quite pleased that I've managed to fill the week.


  1. Golly you've been busy! Wishing your husband a speedy recovery. I must also re-cover my ironing pad as I discovered when doing my first BQLPC swap set today, the "something orange".

  2. You have been busy. I really love the Mariner's Compass block you did, the colours are just gorgeous.


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