19 December 2010

Catching up

This past week has gone in a flash.  Have been working and will continue to work until mid January and it's quite a busy place.  It's great I'm earning, but I haven't got the Christmas cake done and will have to do that tomorrow as I've had some sewing to do today (another Chrissie present so cannot show here). 

We've been lucky not to have had snow, only snow showers on Thursday but the drop in temperature has made things icy.  David and I went to York for last minute shopping (I've now got his present sorted- phew!) and he went to the National Railway Museum and I had a visit to the Quilt Museum.  I couldn't take any photos of what I saw at the museum and didn't have my camera with me so here's the link.  The Barbara Bailey exhibit was interesting as she was one of the founder members of the Guild and died in the 1980's so her work and the fabrics used were of the 60's 70's and 80's.  It also had a display of her sewing equipment and a small cabinet of the miniature quilts she had made.  David also had an interesting time at the NRM as he found at that the engine Sir Nigel Gresley was going through York station of an excursion trip.

So not much sewing to show, but I can show some cards I made at cardmaking class - the last one this year.  Bit uneven, bit wonky but like the effects.

Whoops! Took the Father Christmas photo upside down!  It's meant to be a double sided insert on the card with some thread twisted so he spins round but I made some mistakes with that.  Now I'd normally use Wednesday morning to have a go again while things are fresh in my mind, but not this time.  The little girl card turned out a lot better - I quite like making that one.  Just like quilting, you have a design that you like and will make again and another that, well, made once you're not in a hurry to do again.

I've also been in receipt of some Bling postcards this week and they are really brilliant.

The group are sideways on even though I'd rotated it in i-Photo. 
And a belated birthday postcard!  I knew that Lesley's was going to be late and there had been trouble with the post from Scotland so a nice surprise when it came.

House is getting more Christmassy. There's jobs to be done before the guests come on Christmas Eve.Work to fit in too. But I'm getting there.

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  1. Ha ha, you to the Quilt Museum, DH to the Railway Museum, that's standard for our visits to York too! Have a wonderful Christmas, keep warm.


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