02 December 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

We've had snow in Hemsworth since Saturday - it was only a dusting then which didn't stop us from going away last weekend, however it had got progressively worse over this week.  With the threat of snow I went and got some shopping  to get that out of the way so I could stay in, and I think half the town were there too doing the same thing.

It started on Tuesday and going into Wednesday morning with further heavy snowfalls during the course of the day.  We've now got about 18" of snow judging by our patio table where the snow's been collecting over the past few days.  So here's some snowy pics

Snow on Tuesday

Snow yesterday morning - probably well over 12"

My car is under there somewhere

David's working from home

Our bench is disappearing

Snowy hats on the wheelie bins

The snow is getting deeper on the patio table

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  1. Looks like we both got about the same. It's all very beautiful, but maybe time for it to go away now? What happened to summer and autumnn this year? Did we have them?


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