11 December 2010

Christmas Cheer

Since posting about the bad weather, David and I managed to get away from it and head down South last weekend and stay with my Mum & Dad.  We had Santa Special train tickets booked on the Mid Hants Railway for the children and grandchildren as we will be spending the Christmas holiday in Yorkshire this year.  It was a chance to also exchange presents too so the majority of our shopping is out of the way already. 

Before we left we found some of the snow trying to thaw, but the weather was still bitterly cold. David could not resist taking a picture of this very long icicle hanging from the gutter at the front of the house. Although the snowy weather continued after our return on Tuesday, all of a sudden it just vanished on Friday and continued to thaw today just leaving some bits where the snow was piled up while clearing the drive.

The little ones enjoyed their train trip with a visit from Father Christmas, though maybe Isobel was a little young and was scared by the big bearded one.  After that it was a trip down to Eastleigh and the soft play centre that's popular with all four of the little ones.

Here's Leo, Sophie and Isobel waiting for Santa

and Freddie getting his present
The four together
 Now something of a sewy (rather than snowy) nature.  You might remember a few posts ago I mentioned about the Bit of Bling big postcard swap, and now I'm receiving cards from the swap and here they are below:-

 The cards above are from (clockwise from top left) Irene, Lis, Lois, Alice and Jan
These are from (again clockwise from top left) Barbara, Pauline, Dawn, Avril and Jacquie.

I've looked back at my blog and realised that although I've written about this swap I haven't put any photos of mine.  I'll put that right - here they are

Mine are made using Christmas fabric with organza (some with sparkly stars on them) and I trapped snowflake sequins and Angelina fibre between the 2 layers.  I added more sequins and stick on gems on top and finished with gold or silver braid or ribbon.  I used bits that I already had for this with added to the variety.

I am always surprised with the variations that come with each theme of postcards, which I think make them enjoyable to make and receive.

I almost forgot, I now have a job for a while.  I'm now working in Wakefield again, near the city centre after 3 months of not having any (paid) work.  It's a temporary job which'll last a few weeks so see how it goes.

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  1. Love those railways. We've never done a Santa Special but I think it'll soon be time for Sam to be old enough - maybe next year. Everybody looks as if they're having a great time. Freezing again here after yesterday's amazing 7C, keep warm, sew lots!


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