06 March 2011

Daffodils and Sunday Sewing

Yesterday I bought some daffodils whilst doing the weekly shop in the supermarket, for just £1 a bunch.  Believe it or not they were all in bud, but as soon as they were placed in water the daffodils decided to flower, you could almost watch them.  This morning they looked like this
 then later in the day

I just love them for the first signs of spring.

Towards the end of last year on one of our trips from Yorkshire to Dorset I bought a pack of fabric and instructions to make placemats from a fabric design called "Le Poulet" from the Bramble Patch and this week made up the placemats with plenty of strips of fabrics left over for some matching coasters and today I was trying to get the binding around them when I ran out of black thread.  I never realised that I used so much black thread!  Before I made the placemats I used one of the cockerals in the fabric to make a postcard for Carole for her birthday this coming week.
Carole\s birthday postcard
One of the Le Poulet placemats

Not being able to finish what I've been doing I had a play around with a couple of things I've wanted to try.  First of all I used some scraps to make 4 patch blocks taking 2 sets of 2 fabric squares and sewing opposite sides before cutting in half and after taking one of each of the 2 sets joining those by sewing the other 2 opposite sides and cutting those in half, et voila 4 sets of 4 patch squares! Not sure where I got this from I just have the notes scribbled down on a piece of paper!
One of the blogs that I read, though I don't participate in is the Block Lotto.  There's some lovely red and white 4 patch square that when put together and re-cut an sewn together, which you can see here
called "D4P" or Disappearing 4 Patch.  Having a play and trying out this is mine below.
Quite impressed with that!

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