26 March 2011

What a transformation

In making our house our own again after 2 and a bit years of renting out, David and I (mainly David, though) decorated our bedroom with the last piece of the "jigsaw" put in place today.  The wardrobe we took apart before we moved into the house was put back together again after being in pieces and those pieces being shunted from room to room during the moving in process.  The drawers in the wardrobe had been damaged because the metal runners had broken, but with the magic of Ebay I was able to source new runners which fitted them perfectly.

So here's what our room looks like now:

Meanwhile this afternoon I attacked the front garden (no pics to show this time) digging out the weeds that have grown between the wall and the pavement beside our house and pulling back the "snow in summer" that had grown about 6" or so onto the pavement from the garden and cutting back a stray buddleia that decided to grow in the front.  The jury is out on whether we keep that or not.  Having found a vacant piece of soil under the bay window I think I will build that soil up with some compost before planting something colourful there.

Going back I bit, it was a nice surprise to receive a card from Lis, week before last, when I commented on her blog about her lovely spring like postcards.  It was gorgeous and thanks once again for sending it to me.

I'd hoped to put photos of what I made at the IQD last week, but can't find the little bag and the part made scissor case (I was too busy chatting) but when I do I'll put those on.  One thing I have made a start on was another set of Kath's Kubes that I bought in York.  The fabric pieces are now pinned on.  It may take some time to get done as I'll take this project with me for hand sewing when I go Bourne Quilters. Looks a jumble, but I can assure you everything is pinned in place!

All this activity and still have time to work too!


  1. It sounds like you're really settled back in again now.

  2. The bedroom looks lovely and it sounds like you've done a great job with the garden too. I need to tackle the jungle around our house and we haven't moved so I don't have that excuse!


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