10 October 2011

Catching Up

It's been a little while since I last posted and it's one of those quiet times when there's not been a lot to blog about.

David was "on call" over this weekend so he set to and started to decorate the garage (yes I said decorate).  When this house was built in 1989 it was originally used as a doctor's surgery and where the garage is became a room so the walls are clad with plasterboard instead of the usual breeze blocks showing and it also has a carpet.  The front was replaced with a garage door. As with most British homes the garage is a storeroom rather than for housing a car, though mine did used to go in there when it was new, that didn't last long! Now we're back David now keeps his model railway in there and has plans to extend the existing layout.  We've also got the bigger shed for storage too so one side of the garage was cleared for painting and he'd also painted the ceiling with some white emulsion that was left by one of the tenants.

The left hand side all painted and looking nice

and the right hand side, railway to the left of the photo and a display for the wagons
We've also now got some long curtains in the living room to shut out the dark weather now the evenings are drawing in.

 And here's a photo of my orchid which has had 4 blooms in one week and there's another 10 buds on the stem.

This post is somewhat lacking in sewing content as I haven't done a lot this week.  Last week the Bourne Quilters were making pot holders and this below is my little effort.  I got the tops ready before the meeting and quilted (with my new machine) during the evening.  It really does need a walking foot, so will get around to getting one soon.  Yesterday I tidied up the sewing and put the binding on and all done!
I also posted of my wiggly quilt (see here) for the BQL Skinny Quilt challenge to Avril who has a blog here.

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  1. I hardly know anyone who puts their car in the garage these days, I guess we would if we had a basement or a utility room for freezer and washing machine etc, but until then!!


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