14 October 2011

Just before we go....

on holiday for a week!  David and I are off to Malta, hoping to get a bit of autumn warmth and maybe some sun too.  Booked it just about 4 weeks ago it was a holiday that we were going to earlier this year but never go around to.  After disappointing summer weather decided the time was right to book this.

Before I go I thought I would show a couple of photos.  In the last post I sent of my wiggly skinny quilt to Avril and yesterday I received a skinny from Mary in Edinburgh.  This looks really gorgeous and came with a postcard with views of Edinburgh.  It was nearly a year ago we visited there, but some memories were bought back of that trip.  I had saved this the right way around but Blogger is deciding otherwise.

I hadn't shared with you a postcard that I sent to Plum  as part of the ongoing Birthday postcard swap.  She had requested 'Architecture' so I sent her a house, here.

I thought it looked rather fun, very cheery.  I've got ahead on these postcards and have made two more cards which I will show later.  One for the end of this month, another for November.  I've signed up for another year of the Birthday Swap as I like making the odd postcard.  In November I've also gone for "Here's One I Made Earlier" which is really easy as I've already made the postcards because they are spares from earlier swaps.

Hoping that I shall have quite a few photos to share when I get back after next week. Take care!


  1. Have a great time in Malta, I went in November a few years ago with girlfriends, and we had a great time, lovely and warm. I remember a cake restaurant in the main town - awesome cakes and an amazing view!! Lucky you on getting that skinny, and a lovely card for Plum!!

  2. Have a great time and if you go to Mdina call in at the Carmelite Priory and then enjoy their great cafe. Tell Charlene that Lis and Al sent you :)


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