27 October 2011

More Malta pics

Such a change from last week, being back at work, the nights are darker, days colder and wetter.  Will be even darker when the clocks go back at the weekend.  Time to look at some sunny pics to warm myself up!

Last Thursday we took an excursion with the tour company we booked with to Gozo.  David finds it funny that I get all excited about a trip on a ferry (doesn't matter whether it's France or Isle of Wight, even the Sandbanks chain ferry - I love going on a boat).

 This was leaving the harbour in Malta where there is a shrine in the harbour wall
 The seafront in Gozo
 Jellyfish warning sign in Xlendi (pronounced Shlendy).  Thought the Fried Egg Jellyfish looked rather bizzare (bottom left)
 Lovely view of the bay
Didn't stop me getting my feet wet - first time in Mediterranean waters (although he took a photo of me eating ice cream and not paddling in the water!).

After going to a local hotel for lunch then onto another part of the Gozotan coast in Dweera Bay.  There the arch made by sea erosion looked almost like Durdle Door and there were boat rides into a cave nearby,

 Chance to take a photo of David
 A small chapel neaby
Very popular place on the tourist trail - look at all those coaches and a Malta tour open top bus was just arriving here.  In the distance is a tower which was part of the string of watchtowers along the Gozo and north Malta coast.

 We then visited a fantastic church called St Phillips or Ta Pinu, which was the site of a miracle when a local woman (now buried in the church) heard the words of Mary.  The church was not in the middle of a community, it seemed in the middle of nowhere.  But people came to share their miracles too, where there is a room dedicated to thanking God for the babies that survived or people overcoming illnesses, having been healed. Amazing to look at. The architecture was pretty amazing too, couldn't help looking at the ceiling. 
fabulous Rose window
 This picture in this arched frieze is made of mosaics

Just look at the pattern in this arch
And this one too. Inspiration for a quilt maybe?

Here's some of Davids pics

After visiting the main town of Victoria we then headed back to Malta.  Again watching the vehicles getting on the ferry and watching it set off.

After this lengthy posting I'll show some pics of our harbour cruise last Friday very soon.

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