01 December 2012

Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet

Being the first of the month, Lily's Quilts hosts the Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet.
I'm typing from my iPad and it won't copy the badges, so here the link to the post on the blog.

November's make have included a cushion cover (a bit secret, it's a Christmas make) postcards and finishing of my green and grey quilt.  I've also made some bags for the wardrobe in my room to store wadding, white fabric and vilene pieces. One more to make for storing calico and things should look more organised.

Today I went with friends to the West Country Quilt show, a new show and found it really enjoyable. Took photos, saw demos and did some shopping. Not too far to get to so a nice day out.

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  1. I am coming in from the small blog meet. I love your postcard collection and your quilting aesthetic. You have great taste and I am excited to see those pictures.


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