10 December 2012

Trip to London

I don't like London that much as I find things too hectic there.  Being in a tube station is like being in a movie where you stand still and everyone whizzes around you, a bit scary when you are trying to find your way around (and making sure you're on the right line to where you want to go).  When a coach trip to London just happened to be on my day off I thought it would be something different to do.  I decided I would go to the Victoria and Albert Museum  as this was one London museum I hadn't visited and it was fascinating.

There was a couple of extra exhibitions there - one of ballgowns and another of Hollywood costumes - but decided not to see these and it was just as well as I think I walked my socks off wandering around the general exhibits.  Here are some pics of the things I liked there.  The Middle Eastern art, which included this lovely tiled panel.
And bowl (I think both the items came from Iran)
These Indian carved wall decorations - there were lovely patterns - I was fascinated by them

 In another part of the museum there were lovely mosaic floors, sorry but I had to take photos

That's just 3 of the photos that I took of the floors

I was amazed by the large columns in the Cast Courts, this was an Italian one

And found some of these from Salisbury Cathedral on the wall of one of the Renaissance galleries

I could show more pics! I quite enjoyed being there and would not rule out another trip there, some fascinating things.

Onward to the tube station to make my way to the meeting place I stopped at Picadilly Circus and went along Regent Street to see the lights (it was nearly 4 o'clock and getting dark by now), the theme being the Twelve Days of Christmas
I walked up to Libertys to have a meander, hoping to buy something from their haberdashery but things were so expensive, but lovely to look at.  I went to look at the Christmas decs and bought a small reindeer to add to our Christmas tree.

Walking towards the meeting place I diverted down to Carnaby Street with their alternive decorations

Because it's dark its probably difficult to see that they are records arranged in a large ball strung from the walls of the buildings.

A good but tiring day and something different on my day off!

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