26 June 2013


In the days of old black and white television, there used to be a short film called "The Interlude" often used when there were "technical hitches" with a programme, which means that there isn't a lot to blog about.  Not much sewing done because this was the state of my room from the middle of last week until this morning

Try to get any sewing done with that lot!  We emptied out half the contents of the wardrobe (on the left) for easy access to any pipes which then went into the guest room.  Fortunately Sarah stayed last weekend and we're not expected guests very soon, so things were piled on the bed
The cause of the disruption?
Our en-suite loo.  The shower (behind) was replaced some years ago and this time it's the 80's pink loo and wash basin, together with new vanity units.  That was this morning.  So far this evening the unit carcasses were in and the loo plumbed in so will show what it looks like when done next time, but suffice to say it's looking good so far. It's surprising how one small room can cause so much disruption.

So I'll continue this interlude with some views of the garden (lot nicer than looking at our bathroom!)

Normal service will be resumed soon.

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