04 June 2013

Sewing Sunday

After Saturday's outing Sunday was a staying at home day, catching up on chores and other bits and bobs.  Lately I have been following an online course on Craftsy, called "Big techniques from small scraps" tutored by Sarah Fielke, which amongst it's techniques includes using a 60 degree triangle ruler and also a 18 degree (used for Dresden plate) ruler.  So I had a play around that afternoon.

Here's my Dresden plate.  The EZ ruler that I had didn't appear to give any idea of what degree wedge the fan would be but started cutting thinking I would just make an arc, however I got carried away and made this
 The coaster which I used for a circle temple for the middle was made by Sarah when she was at Guide camp several years ago
From which I cut a circle of this cheery fabric from a charm pack.  I didn't have the applique glue so had to use pins until I stitched it.

I also had a go at the triangle ruler playing around with triangles and also cut half triangle shapes
And I could not resist making the "Not quite a Beauty" free cutting New York Beauty Block.  I don't think it curved around enough, think I might need a bit of practice with this.
Finally this is what I made on my day off last week.  Not having been able to go to Anja Townrow's class I had a go at this
It's not the right way around but you get the idea.  I've got to add some decorative stitching and quilt it but pleased how it's turning out.


  1. ooh! I like especially the mat one with the oranges x good ideas are worth pinching ...oops reproducing! lol x

  2. lovely, especially the sunflower


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