17 June 2013

Now for Some Sewing Bits

Last Wednesday evening I went to Ringwood Quilters' meeting with my friend Brenda to hear their guest speaker, Janet McCallum talk about her life in quilting.  She is a member of the Contemporary Quilters and of art quilt group By Design.  A really interesting speaker with lots of quilts to show and also a slideshow (of quilts she has sold).

Of course with a quilt meet there is always a raffle.  This is what I won - book (like I need another!) but this one, though published some years ago I've kept reading over again since bringing this home.
 Now all I need is a good slice of time to try a quilt out.

Who can resist fabric?  This was my purchase on Wednesday night
Seaside themed fabric

I also purchase some today at Hardy Quilters' Exhibition today.  I went there with friends Penny and Vera
 Some variegated fabric
And above some (very rare, Makower no longer make this) ombre fabric.  I was looking for this way back in 2010 for a Pat Archibald workshop and couldn't get hold of any.  This was from Becca's Quilting Larder.

Finding it difficult to take pictures of shows to show on the blog (just in case people object) here's a photo overview of this lovely little show.  I guess that Hardy Quilters may put some photo's on their blog here.

Over the weekend I made a few bookwraps for the tombola at the Festival of Quilts in August.

That's kept me out of mischief!


  1. The book wraps look lovely, the book looks good, and the quilts look lovely thanks for the little visit, however, my absolute favourite is the beach hut - yummy!

  2. see you DID need that book xx

  3. Love the beach huts fabric and your book wraps.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Thanks for mentioning my shop, and photographing the ombre fabric! I have a bit left of each colour in my stash. I think companies are printing some of these in various new colours.


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