17 August 2013

Holiday Week 3

I am pleased I've decided to call the later blog posts "Holiday Week ...." as I've been unemployed since my contract came to an end last month and have been looking for work.  One job I applied for was an internal vacancy with the Borough of Poole, that came up just before my last job ended and this time its permanent (hooray!).  I had an interview on Thursday morning and offered the job on Friday and start on Monday 16th September.  This works out well as David and I are away on holiday the week before, so 3 more weeks of stay-at-home holiday.  Better get all those odd jobs out the way!!

As well as going for interview this week David and I took a day out to Weymouth (he's taken this week off which was cancelled from July), only we decided to leave the cars at home at go by bus and train, just as well being the height of holiday season, might have been a nightmare to park. The local bus to Poole train station wends its way around Canford Heath before going into Poole so we just missed one train, but took the next one stopping at all stations, but a lovely view of Poole Harbour and all the little islands as we went around Hamworthy and Holton Heath.  It was quite a busy service, amazing the number of people that got off as the train terminating at Weymouth.

Here are some views
Punch and Judy - Weymouth is well known for this beach entertainment

Sand sculptures.  This was a dome advertising an exhibition of sand sculptures at the nearby Sea Life Centre (sorry about the shadows, can just about make out Buzz Lightyear by the red bucket.
The Sea Life Tower - the viewing platform goes up and down on the tower to give views of Weymouth, Portland and beyond. The building to the right of it is the ferry terminal for the Channel Island fastcat ferries.

We found somewhere for lunch, can recommend the King Edward Fish and Chip shop and restaurant near the clock tower, which was really good.  Headed back to the train station and back home.

The rest of the week has been pretty much pootling around, with another lunchtime out with a friend during the week.  I have been sewing a bit more adding some quilting to my Welcome to Hollywood quilt. 

A couple of times I've forgotten that I left the iron on in my room - oops.  Nothing has happened to iron or anything else, but just in case.....

And last of all I've sent off three postcards
Bit of a difficult photo to take and I took another and it was worse, maybe due to the reflections coming off the cards.  I've transfer printed Vilene (on both sides) and I used Angelina film with the strands of Angelina fibre and trapped some small white flower sequins.  I then sewed a few individual sequins over the top and machine sewed the Angelina piece onto the Vilene base.  These were for a BQLPC swap called Use it up - sparkle and sequins and they certainly do sparkle!


  1. Many congratulations on the job, that's great news for you. Will this one also give you a bonus day off in the middle of the week?

  2. yay for the job! ooops for the iron!


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