30 August 2013

Quilt in a Day (with apologies to Eleanor Burns)

Last week I signed up to a Craftsy class called Machine Embroidered Quilt with Eileen Roche and viewed all the lessons as and when until I'd seen them all.  Yesterday I decided to download all the course instructions and the embroidery patterns so I could use them in the Pfaff.  This is an In the Hoop design in which all the layers are sandwiched together and embroidered.  Another fabric is placed on top and stitched, then the fabric cut back as raw edge applique.

Of course I only intended to do a block to see how it sewed out, but I carried on going with quilting another and having a go at the horizontal block and continuing with another next to it, which was tricky with lining up but got to "as near as damn it" and it would be hard to see that it wasn't quite joined to the other.  In the afternoon I used her reversible quilt joining technique to join the blocks together and by late afternoon got around to the binding. Job done!

Here it is, front

and back
Ok, a couple of "birdnests" of thread, but other than that the back didn't look too bad.  It measures 14" wide by 13" long.  Seeing as it was my first attempt at quilting this way I was quite impressed

Just the day before I had a go at an In the Hoop project, which was a free bonus pattern from Kreative Kiwi for buying the "I Love Sewing" patterns.  They're redwork patterns of coffee cups that came as standalone patterns or as coaster patterns, so I had a go at making a coaster

Well impressed with that too, but far too good to use as a coaster.  I think I might be getting the hang of this machine embroidery.


  1. isn't it great watching the design emerge under the needle white you sit there with a cuppa and your feet up!

  2. I would say you've definitely got the hang of it. What great designs and the finished things look great. Well done.

  3. Anonymous7:26 pm

    I love that small quilt! And the quilting looks great from where I sit. I signed up for one of those craftsy classes but have yet to try it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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