27 August 2013

Holiday Week 4

That was a long week, having been 10 days since my last post.  Last week David and I had a trip out to Kingston Maurward Gardens and Animal Park, which is in the grounds of the College, in Dorchester.    The gardens were landscaped by Capability Brown and are kept by the College and there are a series of small gardens within it.  The house was built in 1720 and there is a mixed history of different families owning the house before being used by the American forces in the Second World War before becoming an agricultural college.  A lovely garden and so peaceful even in the summer holidays.  I took my camera but didn't ensure that it was charged up so there are a mixture of photos from camera, my phone and David's phone.

Last Thursday I went to Blandford. haven't been there for years and went to the Fashion Museum there, a little museum in the back streets but a fascinating collection of clothing from Georgian times to 1970's.  Originally a collection by Betty Penny, whose Cavalcade of Costume was popular in the area in the 1990's (possibly earlier?).  I can't show photos here but there is a link to the Museum here.   I also found a small fabric shop above a cafe called Cotton Moon and could not resist a couple of fat quarters.

In the evening we took ourselves down to Poole Quay to enjoy the fireworks, which takes place every Thursday during August.  The Quay was busy with bands and other outdoor entertainment until the fireworks started

On Friday I had to collect a little friend to come and stay with us over the weekend....

Jamie and Carly's dog Brian, isn't he cute?  He's about 7 months now and recently had a hair cut because of the hot weather.  He kept us up as he couldn't settle to sleep and I ended up sleeping on the settee with him at night.  He went back home yesterday,  but he stayed with us as Carly and the boys were going away for the weekend and Jamie was working so Brian couldn't stay at home.  I enjoyed taking him out for walks and he's quite a good natured little dog.  He's nice as a visitor, but no, we won't be getting one!!

An unusual sight from our back garden on Friday evening was this

 Put the photo on facebook as we are no good with birds and several names were mentioned, but a friend of ours said it's a juvenile Peregrine Falcon, it was calling out, maybe to connect with others, so possibly there may be a nest on the Heath.  Definitely something we don't see often around here.

But haven't been idle on the sewing front.  I have made a pocket bag for my machine embroidery hoops, from instructions by Kreative Kiwi and purchased her sewing downloads which I stitched out. I like the designs and also have free redwork designs of coffee cups too.  The pocket back still has to be finished off but I don't think it looks too bad, and keeps the hoops neat and tidy too.  Gave me more practice at embroidery.

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