10 July 2014

A Lovely Month of Finishes?

Earlier this month some of the blogs that I follow have taken part in "A Lovely Year of Finishes" hosted by Sew Bitter Sweet Designs and Fiber Of All Sorts.  The year is split into quarters and they have set their aims for the quarter and published blogs about the progress of their projects.  Ok, so I am half a year late to join this, so I will be a party on my own and set my own aims and objectives, but see if what I need to get done and achieve this month.

It's the 10th today, so 21 days to go and we are on holiday for the next fortnight, but have some at home days, doesn't leave that many days this month to get things done but here goes.

1. Landscape picture.  Sewing stuff done, just has to be framed. I'm going to class on Friday, so should be finished. (There, that was easy).

2. Dolly Dress Up Block (2 of 6). This is a hand sewing project, which I will take to a Sewing Saturday session this Saturday so this may get done this month. The first block was finished while watching the Tour de France last weekend. Aim would be to make a start on block 3.

3. Trip Around the World quilt. I've made a second top, like the first one pictured below. I've got wadding and backing, so no excuses.

4. Coupon wallets. Three I've done pictured below. I've cut out and got 8 sets of fronts and backs ready to sew for a charity stall for August and also for the Tombola at Festival of Quilts (not long to go!). I've also got 3 biscornu pincushions to make for the Tombola too.

I think that might do for now.  Let's see how I get on.  To have objectives might stop some aimless wanderings into the sewing room and thinking what to do next and clear the mind a bit.  I've managed to get the Tubix quilt top done within the deadline set, so the goals should be achieveable.

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  1. I'm rubbish at setting targets - hope it works for you!


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