13 July 2014

One Down, Three to Go.

The landscape picture is now finished and framed. I'm really please how it's turned out.
Now hung in our living room.  This is the second frame this has gone into as the first one, was too shallow and the corners of the frame did not fit well in spite of extra gluing.  We found the second one today in Hobbycraft which is a much better quality and deeper too.  

So this started in January with a photo that I took last year at Tintagel.  The path leading from the village to the visitor centre at the castle suddenly opens out which a view to the sea.

The pictures main shapes are made of silk paper bonded onto a canvas base. There is free machine embroidery and also some free machining on water soluble fabric. After the fabric was dissolved from the stitching was pulled apart and applied to the picture, which are the grey bits on the top of the hill and also green bits on the grassy foreground.

This is the early stages, when I just started the stitching to anchor things and detail on the path.

I realised that I needed to add more fabric to the landscape to comfortable fit the mount so added onto the top. You can see there's more stitching.

Almost there, I placed the double mount frame to get some idea of how it would look.


  1. I could never do something like that. It is amazing.

  2. It's gorgeous! Well done x


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