05 October 2014

Quilty Weekend

This weekend while being home alone (David away in Yorkshire, working this weekend) I'd already arranged to go to the Quilters' Guild Area Day on Saturday which took care of yesterday and today I took a trip over to Salisbury, Wiltshire to a workshop.

Yesterday's speakers were Jenny Barlow, who as well as being a hand quilter is also a collector of old quilts too, with some interesting facts about them.  The afternoon's speaker was Jo Colwill, from Cowslip Workshops in Cornwall about her history in quilting. Both had been keen on sewing from a very early age and it had always been an essential part of their lives.  Here are some of Jo's quilts that she had on display 

And of course, with traders there, there were some purchases too.
Some fabric quarters, little Indian charms and sequins and hand dyed thread.

So today's workshop had a Christmas theme (82 days to go, I think, scary!) decorating a calico apron.

Photo above taken in the bedroom mirror, but as you can see using mainly shades of green and yellow to stamp on the Christmas trees, stockings,angels and other bits and bobs.

Later in the afternoon we used spaced dyed fabrics as a base to stamp various effects, which was quite enjoyable

And using up the fabric paints left on the palettes to decorate card stock
More stamps to add to my growing collection (got a few already

A busy weekend so a quiet evening watching the box and getting myself together for work tomorrow.


  1. don't you just love weekends like this ? xx The Quilters Guild days in our area always get good speakers too x LOVE the apron .. but did you HAVE to remind us that Christmas is rushing up xx lol x

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  3. That looks like a perfect weekend!


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