30 November 2014

This and That

Another couple of weeks have passed but I have been some sewing, much of which I can't show with Christmas coming up v e r y fast.  Last weekend I made a Christmas pudding, now safely tucked away in the freezer. We've had the Christmas boxes down from the loft so just need to look through and see if we have enough cards, wrapping paper, etc.  The present shopping is in progress and not panicking just yet, I can't believe how organised I am so far, it's scaring me a bit.

The other week I did demonstrate how to make a tiny owl at the quilt group and this was my making, think he looks albino with his pink eyes.  I didn't have enough patterns to go around, so have since done one to pass onto some in the group and will print of some more. 

My new cushion on the settee, looks a bit Christmassy, doesn't it.

Made some progress on my Dolly Dress Up Blocks, 4 down, 2 to go.

Just about to layer up no. 5

It was my birthday on Friday, which was spent at work during the day, but in the evening we went to Isabel's restaurant in Parkstone, very posh and very nice food.

This week will see two Christmas do's. Dinner out on Thursday evening with the Bourne Quilters and Sunday lunch and speaker with Quarterjack Quilters, both lovely occasions to look forward to. Oh yes, and I'll be meeting Father Christmas on Saturday with my son and granddaughters, looking forward to that as well.

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