14 January 2015

Been Shopping

I'm not a keen shopper but every so often I get the urge. Using birthday money (from way back in November) I bought a couple of Per Una tops from M&S last week, which started it all off. At the weekend it was followed by a couple of pairs of shoes. Anyone that knows me will know how difficult I find this with size 4 feet, so I was really pleased with that.

Not satisfied with going to shops I shopped online on Sunday, first of all with Seasalt, and the "lovely delivery from Cornwall" arrived today with a skirt and top.

I like the packaging.
Not a very good pic as taken this evening, but the fit is good, so I'm happy.

I also sent for a couple of sewing items, a French Curve ruler and a couple of invisible zips (one to try and another for an actual skirt.  Just before Christmas I bought an online class from Craftsy to design and make an A-line skirt, hence need for the ruler and zips as I've never tried inserting an invisible zip before. All these items arrived this week so I've looked forward to getting home to my parcels.  That's all my shopping for now.


  1. You've been doing some exciting shopping. The skirt and jumper look great.


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