18 January 2015

Zippedy Do Da

This weekend I went to Hobbycraft in Ferndown for a small Pom Pom maker to make pom-poms for the knitted snowman to finish it off, which I hope will get done this week.  While there I also picked up in of the fat quarter packs of 6 fabrics with a country feel, with badgers, owls and hedgehogs.

Here they are at the bottom of the photo.  At the top are some quarters that I bought before Christmas before all the fabrics go in the wash. I've found that Hobbycraft fq's are imperial rather than metric so are slightly smaller than normal, but they are pretty.

Making progress with the (potential) skirt making I've had a bash at sewing an invisible zip, using a couple of pieces of calico to practice on with more un-sewing than sewing. I've been following some of the instructions from the Craftsy class that I've been taking.

It may look ok from the front, but the the back is definitely as dogs dinner.

I think more practice is called for.

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  1. Jackie and and managed to spend just a little time and money in my localhobbycraft too! My oldest was at uni with a lad called (something boring like) jack, Day. His middle names? Zipperty Do Dah!!!!!


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