26 July 2015

Indian Lady

When I went to Gillian Travis workshop at the end of May I purchased an Indian Lady kit. It comes with a printed panel, some fabric for hair, skin and the pot she is carrying, some Bondaweb, baking parchment an block stamp and instructions.  Today's weather was awful as its been raining most of the day so just right for a having a go at making this panel.

This is the printed panel, above, before putting the applique on top.
The method of applique is to put all he components together ironing onto baking parchment then transferring the whole thing onto the fabric panel
Unfortunately the green I wanted to use was on the back of this lovel piece of African fabric.
I then added machine quilting and also some gold fabric paint to the piece. With the little block stamp and some blue fabric paint I stamped over it.

Some tidying up of stitches and some embellishment needed, but not a bad days work.

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  1. That looks s great way to spend a rainy day!


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