13 July 2015

My Mum's Quilts

I use this blog to diarise about things I've made and places we've been to and I don't often show the work of others, unless I've been to exhibitions.  Recently I've received quilts from my Mum that she makes for charity and they get passed onto the local Project Linus group and a local charity called the Youth Cancer Trust, via a local quilt group and I thought I would share them here. I think she's probably made many quilts over years she has been quilting. She is a prolific quilter and enjoys working out patterns for blocks.  All the quilts are 36" square, so nice lap or cuddle quilts.

They are really colourful she likes to work out colours that will go with a feature fabric. There is a polyester wadding and they have been hand quilted and they have been described as having a cuddly quality to them.  Here's the detail of one of the quilt backs to show the quilting.
Lovely isn't it.
So, Mum, I hope you don't mind me "blowing the trumpet" for you and sharing your work.  It some really amazing work and I know it's really appreciated.

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