23 July 2015

Sew what have I been up to?

I've done something different recently, the weekend before last I made two skirts. Not for me, I hasten to add but for my two granddaughters, Sophie and Isobel.  My Mum gave me some scraps, and amongst those were these two lovely flowery fabrics
I kept looking at these large pieces and thought they might make nice skirts, so following a texting conversation with my son with measurements for the girls I set to and cut out and made them on a rather grim Sunday.

The orange/yellow one for Sophie and the pink for Isobel. The following day I bought TShirts to match and presented those last Saturday. I know Isobel's fitted ok and she like it. I also enjoyed making something completely different.

This week I've been making a cushion cover. I've been using a Makower picture panel fabric which has been sitting around in my stash for a long time, and I've also used some teal blender fabric which has been lingering in my stash for quite a while too.  So this is what it's turned into.
Here's the back
I like using the decorative stitches on the machine to add a bit of something to take it from a plain cushion cover. I have enough of the teal fabric and using another part of the picture fabric to make another matching cushion cover.

I have some of the picture fabric left, however there is a problem which I have found with some of these picture fabrics is that they tend to be a bit 'squiffy' and slope off to one side as you can see on the pic below on the bottom piece, sorry the pic was taken at the wrong angle.
Any suggestions to use up the remaining pictures?

Festival of Quilts is just two weeks away, and I'm really looking forward to going. I'll be there on Thursday and Friday as part of our week long holiday in the Midlands.  Are any of you going??

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