15 September 2015

Mini Quilt Swap

Back in April/May on UK Quilters United group on Facebook, a mini quilt swap sub group was set up to make mini quilts to swap in September.  I was assigned my partner to make and send a quilt to and with basic info about likes/dislikes and through seeing various posts on Facebook was able to "stalk" her to find out more.  As she has her quilt now I can reveal how I made the quilt.

My partner is Jacquie from Guernsey and by chance she happened to take a photo of the floor of her daughter's Victorian house, which instantly gave me inspiration for the design here

I then did a rough sketch before drafting the design onto some freezer paper

From the info I had I knew that she liked butterflies and I had just the fabric a pink background with mauve, yellow and blue butterflies. Along with a batik with butterflies I then went on to choose a fabric for the "grout" for the tiles and thought a deep purple would set it off.  Only trouble was I have just enough fabric to squeeze out half inch strips to make quarter inch tape to go on the quilt.

I put the drafted drawing under some stabiliser to put the fabric pieces onto and iron on to hold the fabrics pieces together

The inner square was just too small so a border with the dark purple strip and the deep pink cornerstones made it to 15"square. I then added the quarter inch strips.

Before quilting

After quilting and with the binding.  I did find some pieces of butterfly fabric to put on top but did I take a photo after then? Of course not!
Label on the back
A few bits and bobs to put in with the quilt.

Jacquie received her quilt on Monday and she is delighted with it and knows exactly where she will be hanging it.  Meanwhile someone else in the swap was making a quilt just for me.  

Here it is

Some lovely flying geese, my favourite quilt block.  The greens will go well in my room and the orange  geese just add an extra pop of colour.  This came from Mary in Bodmin, Cornwall.  Just down the road from Bodmin is Padstow

She included a lovely linen tea town from Padstow in the style of those old fashioned railway posters.  Far too good for drying the dishes, we will have to find a home to hang that too.  Didn't take a good photo of that, save it for next time. 

She owns an internet shop called Patchwork Dreamer, with some lovely fabrics. Temptation indeed!

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  1. Oh that did work well Sue! I love the floors in old houses and churches- great inspiration for patchwork, and I hadn't thought of layering like that, brilliant idea! Your incoming FG are fab too!


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